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Educating the World


FERRARI -- photo 2  spring 2014At Johns Hopkins University, we take pride in being able to say we
educate the world. Here at the Carey Business School, with a student body that is half domestic and half international, we very much represent the global marketplace. In our view, we have an incredible opportunity to influence the evolution of the global economy by training members of the next generation of business leaders – those from here in the United States and from the world’s emerging economies.

Our recruiters continually travel throughout the world to attract the best and brightest students. In November, our associate dean of admissions, Monica Moore, concluded a three-week tour of India, the world’s largest democracy and 10th-largest economy, meeting with prospective students from some of India’s most prominent universities. Earlier in the year, Monica’s admissions team traveled extensively through South America.

Last June, I had the pleasure of traveling for a week in China with members of the Carey School’s leadership and staff, as well as with members of the Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board. We met with incoming students, alumni, and their families in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Besides strengthening the growing Carey community there, we worked on building partnerships with the academic and business sectors. Further underscoring our connection to China, in July we appointed Oksana Carlson to the newly created position of assistant dean for global collaboration. Oksana is based in Beijing as she seeks ways for the Carey School to develop an even stronger presence in China.

“Here at the Carey Business School, with a student body that is half domestic and half international, we very much represent the global marketplace.”

As part of our multinational mindset, we want our students to be immersed not only in their educational experience here at Carey but also in the local culture of the Baltimore/Washington region. Toward that end, we have held a three-week “summer intensive” each of the past two years. This is a program in which incoming international students – many making their first trips to the United States – take a variety of short courses preparing them for life at an American university. About 20 students attended the inaugural program in the summer of 2013; this past summer, 10 times that number took part.

We have found that Carey’s global reach and focus on “business with humanity in mind” also draws some of the brightest domestic students. Like our international students, they understand and appreciate the distinctive approach to business education that is the mission of the Carey School, and they see themselves as citizens of the world and future business leaders who could just as easily feel at home doing business in India as in Indiana.

I have been very pleased with the quality of our students, as we attract some of the best young scholars from very competitive markets around the globe. Creating such diverse cohorts of students benefits all of us at Carey. Our students can freely share ideas and hone the educational and cultural skills that will help them find business success – wherever in the world they come from, and wherever in the world they go.

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Bernard T. Ferrari, Dean